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Volunteering may sound like an odd word to some,but to those who really understand its usefulness,they consider the word to be a word that more than describes service to the society. Volunteering could be more than a helpful course to the volunteer it could also be an unforgetable adventure and experience to the volunteer and also more than a joyful gift to the one being help by the volunteers.For this reason,a group of selfless people came together to form LATEOTT Voluntary Organization to serve as a channel to link volunteers and the underprevailaged in the society.

About Us

LATEOTT GHANA which is the abbreviation for "Light At The End Of The Tunnel" is a non-profit organization which is based in Ghana and works to assist communities in and around Ho,the capital city of the Volta Region, in the  many sectors of education,medicine and health-care,orphanage work and football coaching.

  In reference to the fact that LATEOTT Voluntary Organizationis based in Ho, most of the volunteer works would be centered in Ho.

  With the countless Voluntary organizations in the country at the moment,LATEOTT Voluntary Organization trys its possible best to stand out with its services offered.Volunteers would be promised a very wonderful time and volunteering experience with LATEOTT Voluntary Organization.



The motivation of voluteering abroad stems from a need to ignite a sense of social responsibility and activism, as well as a desire to learn about a new country and culture.For some,international volunteering is also a way to gain a new perspective of the world and a renewed sense of the role they play n the world.Therefore volunteer work abroad can be an intense experience,with opportunities to focus on meaningful global concerns that day-to-day life can't accomodate.

People who would volunteer in the LATEOTTGHANA would develop a natural interest in the assisting of communities in another country.

Whatever be you reason of volunteering be it to learn more about international relations,move beyond a vacation to travel with purpose or challenge yourself through a new environment,volunteering with LATEOTTGHANA would be rewarding to you and to the people to whom you work with.

E-mail : teamlateott@yahoo.com

Telephone : (00233)(0)249737477

Address: P.O. Box HP 243, Ho, Ghana