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A Quick look At Ghana

Ghana a formal colony of the British empire is a beautiful gren tropical country that is bordered by Togo,Ivory Coast,Burkina Faso and the Gulf of Guinea.Ghana is divided into ten regions.Ghana's capital is Accra and the second largest city is Kumasi which is located in the the Ashanti region.


Ghana is on the GMT time same as Britain.


English is the official language of Ghana but a total of 75 dilects are spoken in Ghana .These dilects are generally Ga,Ewe,Twi and Mole-Dagbani


The freedom of worship consitutional right in Ghana allows citizens to worship in the religion of their choice.The main religoins in Ghana are the Christian religion,Islamic Religion and the traditional religion.


Ghana has a typical tpopical climate.Daytime temperatures averagely approach 30 degrees celcius each day and 25 degrees celcius each night.There are 2 types of seasons experienced in Ghana,these are the harmattan and the rainy season.Most fruits and crops grown in South America can also be grown in Ghana.


The currency of Ghana is the Cedi.The value of 1 cedi is equivalent to 1 American dollar.